To Obtain Happiness You Need These Three Things….

Your alarm goes off Monday morning, you roll over slam your hand down to turn that darn noise off, open your eyes, roll out of bed and the first thought that comes to your head is???? …………fill in the blank I know what has crossed my mind in the past a few times ha ha.

There are a range of emotions that we feel in a day some are positive, some negative, but both serving a purpose. What kinds of feelings and thoughts do you feel and think on a daily basis? what are the most common themes that keep coming up for you?

We are all in a massive search for Happiness! What does happiness look and feel like for you? It’s important to honor yourself by finding the joy and happiness in the daily action we take so we are able to celebrate our lives each and every day. When you are able to live a life that truly represents you, what you stand for, what you love then this is the definition of success!

There are a few things that will bring  happiness into your world. It’s not the car you drive, the engagement ring on your finger or even the brand new couch you want. Sure these things might bring a instant release of serotonin and bring you a moment of joy but all materialistic and external objects eventually lose their novel purpose and you end up back to the drawing board “In search of  your true happiness”

No matter how many goals you set in life, or what ladder you are trying to climb or how much money you fill your bank account with unless you focus on these three things daily, you will suffer, struggle and  resist the beauty that is life.

  • Appreciate everything for what it is

  • Be grateful

  • Love deeply

If you struggle daily to shift yourself from a negative state to a positive state there are two things you need to do to flip that around! The great Legend himself Tony Robbins quotes;

  • Change your focus, where your focus goes energy flows

  • Change your physiology, to change the emotion you must change the motion

We need to experience polar opposites in life. As an example we need the dark to have the light, Yin to Yang, Lows and Highs without it how can we give gratitude and truly appreciate until we have suffered and traveled the lonely roads. We live and we learn and when you learn that everything has a purpose and has a driving force then you are able to unlock and unleash energy inside of you to drive and fuel the Happy life you really want to live.

Friends if you can truly master your emotional state daily to thrive at a optimal level that allows you to enjoy the highest level of energy then you are well on your way living a healthy, happy empowered life.