Stop Robbing Yourself Of Your Own JOY!


Comparing yourself to others will literally rob yourself of your own Joy!



Let be honest we all do it? or have done it at some stage in our lives!


You might envy the person driving the Porsche, the girl with the Louis bag, The lady with enough money to put fillers in her lips for days ha ha but guys honestly come on!

If we all haven’t grown up enough to realize materialistic things don’t create HAPPINESS then we need to chat  ! They might prove the fruits of your labor or the intelligence that you created a business that serves X amount of people so you reap the finances of this service, However it doesn’t mean you are following your purpose, that you are truly happy. 


I always ponder on the plane as I am watching everyone (I am a flight attendant for those of you who didn’t know as well as a health coach) and I think, these are among some of the most privileged people in the world yet their excitement and zest for life has been zapped by the stress of the fight of the fittest. I have travelled to many many many places. Met different people from all backgrounds and cultures and countries.


I really believe those who have the basics like food, water, shelter, their friends and family were the happiest people I have ever met!


It intrigues me, the psychology behind the message that has been instilled in many of us that until we have 10 investment properties, 4 cars, a wife or husband, kids, a dog, the best company in the world then we will be happy?


A man said to me yesterday after three full flights and a long day- how are you? I said I am unreal, I am healthy…..what’s not to be happy about. I meant that! his reaction was somewhat stunned as he raised his eye brows like oh “good on ya” ha ha


Shouldn’t we all be saying things like this other than “good thanks”


I am writing this guys because of one reason and one reason only!




Comparing yourself will rob yourself of JOY.