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Simplifying healthy habit changes around your busy schedule so you can feel Alive, Energetic and Confident!


Hi My name is Kerrie Mitchell and my mission is to simplify health for busy women, taking out the guesswork so you can feel alive, supported and amazing in your skin once and for all!

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I help busy and stressed out women create a healthy lifestyle that fits in and around their schedules by guiding them to become the healthiest most empowered versions of themselves. Life should be balanced and you shouldn’t have to do it alone.

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My belief is that small and sustainable steps is what’s going to create REAL long lasting habit change, and that’s the way I approach my health coaching.



Have you ever wished you could find a Better way of eating by understanding the importance of a balanced diet? Imagine a life where you could balance the indulgences you love with healthy choices that give you more energy. How powerful would it be if you could finally figure out how to create your desired lifestyle and become permanently healthy!

I’m Kerrie Mitchell, certified Health and Wellness Coach and I am here to offer you support, accountability and the right system to get you to your desired health and wellness goals!


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